Waxed Wick

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Banish those nasty Lighter fluid fumes and get yourself some Wick ~ perfect for the Cleaner Consumer!


* Better for your Health: Wicks eliminate foul tasting and unhealthy lighter fumes produced by traditional lighters, which often contain traces of butane and metals in flint dust.


* Superior Taste: Wicks provide a clean burning flame (no chemical tastes) for th connoisseur, allowing you to totally enjoy the full flavours of your favourite blends.


* Cooler Flame: Wick creates a flame that burns cooler than the flame from a standard lighter, resulting in a less damaging, more flavorful results.


* Environmentally Friendly: Burning with Wicks will prolong the life of your other lighters, reducing the amount of lighters being sent to landfills each year.


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