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The Medtainer is a patented three-in-one container designed to store, grind, and pour your medication. This versatile jar is made with medical grade, FDA compliant plastic and is air tight, water tight, and smell proof. While originally created for grinding medication, the Medtainer can also be used for a variety of applications such as grinding tea leaves or herbs, pharmaceuticals and veterinary medications

The Medtainer includes three pieces making it easy to store, grind, and dispense your medication. The bottom is designed to hold your medication while you use the insert to grind the contents of the container. The center grinder can also be used to store your medication before or after grinding. The cap tops off the container providing the odor proof, air and water tight seal.

How to Use: To open, twist the cap in a counter-clockwise direction. When the container is fully assembled, the medication can be stored in the center tube. When it is time to grind the, remove the cap and the center tube. Pour contents from center tube into the bottom piece. Insert the grinder into the bottom tube and twist to grind. You can then pour the crushed medication into the middle tube for storage or to dispense as needed. To close, twist clockwise until you hear a click.


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