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King Palm’s Wraps come with two flavored wraps and two flavored filter tips in every pack.  We’ve separated the filter tip and the wrap in this product to give you the chance to have total control over the outcome.  Do you have a joint roller machine?  You can use these products with it to create a seamless joint.  Or if you’re one of the pros and use your hands, all you have to do is disperse your herb of choice in the wrap, put the filter tip at the top of the wrap with the edges lined up, and roll your way to the perfect joint!  Once you’ve lit the joint, don’t forget to squeeze the filter tip to release the delicious blueberry flavor.

The flavored filter tip is also all-natural and biodegradable, as it’s made from 100% corn husk.  Corn husks are the perfect material for filter tips, and honestly, we don’t know why no one else has thought of it before.  Corn husks are dense in fiber; it cools down the smoke as it passes through and keeps any potential weed or ash from sneaking in.  You can squeeze the tip tighter to cool down the smoke even more.  Our flavored corn husk filter tips contain a bead-like ball with essential oil flavors inside.  All you have to do is pop the bead by biting or squeezing it to release the flavor.

Having all-natural materials means that King Palm prioritizes freshness as well.  After each leaf is hand plucked and washed, we package them up right away to maintain that fresh-picked feel for you, the customer.  Our natural leaves and corn husks hold on to flavor well, and unlike paper wraps, you won’t find the taste getting stale as it’s sitting on top of the wrap.  King Palm wraps keep you focused on our sublime flavors as well as the aroma of your weed as the wrap burns slowly and the inhale remains cool.


  • 2 XL Wraps
  • 2 Flavored “Squeeze & Pop” Filter Tips
  • 100% Palm Leaf
  • Roll your own product
  • Tobacco Free
  • Slow Burning


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