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Get one of our best-selling pieces, valued at least $30, delivered to your door every month!

Chose to receive the piece alone, or as a box set.

Box will be perfectly curated to fit a fun theme, and contain pipe along with matching hand-picked goodies...think cases, lighters, wraps, cones, stickers. The possibilities are endless! 


*Photos are example of what you will receive. Your first month will be the sunflower box or a different past box depending on availability. After that, you will receive the current monthly piece. To request a custom variation, just shoot us an email a few days before your box is due! Subscriptions are renewed each month on the date of original purchase.


Jan '22:  Sunflower Pipe....You will receive one of 4 colors! 

Feb: White & Pink Glass Pipe

March: Flowerhead Frit Glass Pipe

April: Space Glitter Pipe

May: Signature Beaker Bong!

June: Silicone Ice Cream Cone AND Pony Tray

July: Butterfly Wing Pipe

August: Pineapple Pipe

September: Butterfly Rhinestone Grinder

October: Creepy Sherlock Pipe

November: Ice Cream Cone Pipe

December: Lava Lamp Glass Pipe

January 2023: Glow Mushroom Pipe

February 2023: Heart Chillum and Rhinestone Mushroom Grinder

March 2023: Double Cherry Pipe

April 2023: Happiness is a Rainbow Pipe 

May 2023: Purple Dichro Pipe

June 2023: Green Seashell Pipe

July 2023: Rocket Pop Pipe

August: Strawberry Pipe


October: Pastel Sherlock Pipe

November: Angel Wing Pipe

December: Silicone Sundae Bong & Funnel Grinder

Jan 2024: Jeweled Water Pipe & Rainbow Grinder

Feb: Terrarium Pipe

March: Double Cherry Pipe

April: TBA

May: TBA


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