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Feast your eyes on Pirate Girl's Monthly Subscription Box – a treasure trove sailin' straight to your door like a stealthy ship in the night. 

Each month, our team passionately curates the contents of your Monthly Box to bring you a fresh and exciting experience. Specializing in themed collections, your box will always include unique pieces, and our newest and most popular rolling supplies, lighters, stickers, and jewelry. Whether you're a seasoned smoker or just starting out, our subscription is designed to cater to all levels of enthusiasts.

Choose from 3 options:

  1. The full box set, featuring curated pieces and accessories
  2. Just the pipe, valued at $30 or more, for a new smoking experience each month
  3. Just the accessories to complement your favorite pipe

Elevate your smoking experience with style, variety, and quality! Join the community of rebel roses who eagerly anticipate their Pirate Girl Monthly Box. 

*We love hearing from you and making sure your box is always amazing! To request a custom variation, just shoot us an email a few days before your box is due. Subscriptions are renewed each month on the date of original purchase.

**Photos are past boxes and examples of what you will receive.

**Your first month will be the sunflower box. After that, you will receive the current monthly box/piece.

Jan '22:  Sunflower Pipe....PINK ~ Feb: White & Pink Glass Pipe ~ March: Flowerhead Frit Glass Pipe ~ April: Space Glitter Pipe ~ May: Signature Beaker Bong! ~ June: Silicone Ice Cream Cone AND Pony Tray ~ July: Butterfly Wing Pipe ~ August: Pineapple Pipe ~ September: Butterfly Rhinestone Grinder ~ October: Creepy Sherlock Pipe  ~ November: Ice Cream Cone Pipe ~ December: Lava Lamp Glass Pipe

January 2023: Glow Mushroom Pipe ~ February 2023: Heart Chillum and Rhinestone Mushroom Grinder ~ March 2023: Double Cherry Pipe ~ April 2023: Happiness is a Rainbow Pipe ~ May 2023: Purple Dichro Pipe ~ June 2023: Green Seashell Pipe ~ July 2023: Rocket Pop Pipe ~ August: Strawberry Pipe ~ September: ? ~ October: Pastel Sherlock Pipe ~ November: Angel Wing Pipe ~ December: Silicone Sundae Bong & Funnel Grinder

Jan 2024: Jeweled Water Pipe & Rainbow Grinder ~ Feb: Terrarium Pipe ~ March: Double Cherry Pipe ~ April: Kitty Paw Pipe & Stash Jar ~ May: Rhinestone Kiss Grinder ~ June: TBA


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